Automotive Company in Europe

Set up an anomaly behaviour analysis platform for an Automotive Company in Europe: To solve Client's primary concerns of APTs and insider attacks and to get a complete analysis and visibility of 100% network traffic and systems, HWG implemented an innovative, intelligent solution that is capable of operating at a behavioural level, in order to dynamically monitor activity and detect potentially-dangerous patterns of behaviour that require immediate responses. The use of this probe named K-SEC provided the ability to detect emerging threats from both internal and external attackers. The main objectives were to detect anomalous device usage and behaviour based on unsupervised machine learning and probabilistic mathematics. This module detected previously-unidentified threats within networks, in real time, identified the presence of malware on company devices, and provides ongoing real time reporting and long term analysis of security events giving complete analysis and visibility of 100% network traffic.Build an advanced Security Infrastructure for a Central Bank in South America: The Bank requires a secure infrastructure to implement comprehensive Payment, Clearing and Settlement solutions that are Java-based and platform independent. HWG, with Monetics, has the mandate to deploy with the Bank an effective, scalable security platform for detection and response to meet organization’s risk analysis and security principles and in particular the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability of Government institutions for data-sensitive resources. Some of the key features of the Security Architecture are: Security Information and Event Management; Identity Access Management; Encryption; Network Security; Database Availability Monitoring and Encryption.