In the heat of the cyber-attack

HWG Incident Response

Cyber security incidents never choose the right moment to happen. You can never predict an emergency, but you can prepare your organization to react fast if it happens.

HWG Incident Response team is here to help you in case of cyber emergency. We promptly assess the situation, contain the cyber-attack, and bring your business back to work.

Available 24x7

We are ready to stop and contain a cyber security incident any time during the day or at night.

Vertical expertise

We have security professionals with expertise in your specific vertical, whether you are a bank, a factory or just a small office.

Stop any cyber-attacks

We help, whether your corporate data is encrypted, you fall victim of a phishing attack, suspect sensitive data loss, or in any other cyber emergency.


During the lockdown it is vital to have access to a local rescue team. We are based in Verona and speak Italian and English.

If you want to be more proactive and ensure minimum response time in case of a cyber security incident, you can prepare your emergency plan in advance. It takes just 1 day, that is enough to identify key parameters and specify contact details to use in case of cyber emergency.

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Cyber Emergency +39 045 4932 899

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