Network Security

We provide a variety of technologies to protect your network against cyber threats.

The next generation firewall detects and stops known and unknown threats, including those in encrypted traffic. It performs a full stack, single pass inspection of the traffic across every port, providing complete context on the used applications, associated content and user identity. It includes IPS, URL filtering and sandboxing to stop spear phishing and other types of attacks. On top of collecting the logs it can be integrated with our SIEM tool for advanced network activity security monitoring.

Secure web gateway utilizes URL filtering, advanced threat defense and legacy malware protection to defend users from internet-born threats and to help enterprises enforce internet policy compliance. The solution applies its malware detection engines to all content, including SSL/TLS traffic, regardless of the site reputation or customer entitlements. With 80 billion transactions per day, this approach brings improved threat intelligence and web site reputation verdicts.

HWG Secure SD-WAN solution enables the creation of hybrid WAN of Internet and MPLS to reduce global WAN expenses while maintaining a high level of security. It provides a broad range of service self-configuration options and agile site connectivity for fast rollout and visibility with online reporting and analytics capabilities. It can host the next generation firewall on a virtualized appliance alongside other WAN edge functionality. It provides a full application traffic routing overview and enables traffic management by applications instead of IP addresses, simplifying the process for companies with distributed networks.

Endpoint Security
Endpoint protection is an essential cyber security defense for any company with no regard to its size or vertical.
Email Security
With over 90% of successful security incidents starting with an email, it is vital to have an email security solution capable of blocking diverse cyber threats.
Network Security
We provide a variety of technologies to protect your network against cyber threats.
Security Awareness
Over 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human errors, making enterprises lose millions to recover from staff-related incidents.

ICS Security
Industrial Control System Security (ICS Security) covers prevention and detection technology focused on the ICS and SCADA environment.
Browser Isolation
Even a regular browser, used to surf the Internet, can pose a potential cyber-threat to companies with high security sensitivity.
File Integrity Monitoring
File Integrity Monitoring is a foundational control that involves analyzing operating systems.
Secure Pass
Secure Pass is an essential cyber security defense for any company.
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